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(June 24  to August 9)

(September 4, 2024  to June 11, 2025)

The Administrator and School Board work with each family to develop an affordable tuition and payment plan. To meet the needs of families, we offer a unique two-tier tuition model. Families may choose which tier works best within their budget. In addition, ​parents can choose a monthly payment plan broken out through the year.

  • The Walnut Tier represents the actual cost of an education at Lakeside School.

  • The Oak Tier meets many of these costs with a partial discount.

  • The Oak Tier for one year-old children is slightly higher due to the care needs for this age group.


We ask that everyone consider the Walnut Tier first. If your family determines that the Walnut tier is not feasible, you may opt for the Oak tier.


If financial need is greater still, you may apply for sliding scale tuition, allowing Lakeside to adjust a family’s tuition to be in equitable proportion to their financial resources, while also balancing the operating needs of the school.


The tuition amount for Sprouts includes the cost of a healthy morning snack and a hot, locally-sourced lunch.

Application fee is $25 per application.

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