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~ from birth to 3 years (with parent/caregiver)


Mountain Tots is an opportunity for families to meet and support each other during their children’s early years. Children and their caregivers gather once a week to experience a simplified morning inspired by the Waldorf philosophy: sharing snack, engaging in free play, singing circle songs, helping with farm chores, and enjoying the outdoors together. All classes are outdoors, with our barn as a bad weather backup.


Our Mountain Tots program is designed as an introduction to Waldorf education. Past groups have formed book clubs to stimulate discussion and gain insight into the development of the young child.  

Dates and Times

Fridays from 9:30 am to 11:00 am

2023 Fall Session: Sept 8 to Nov 17

2024 Spring Session: April 12 to June 7

Note: no Tots on Friday, May 3


Tuition for the Mountain Tots program is $185 per family per session. 

2024 Spring session will be offered free of charge for families with children up to 3 years old.


To enroll, please send an email at

Clothes & Diapers

Much of the work during the first three years is spent on motor development in the young child. Because movement is such a vital component of the children's work, it is important that they are dressed in comfortable, well fitted clothes that allow them to be active crawlers, climbers and walkers.

  • Please dress your child for the weather as we'll play outdoors at each session.



  • We welcome and support cloth diapering families.


The Good Morning Song

(Sung at the beginning of Circle Time)

"Good morning dear Earth,

Good morning dear Sun,

Good morning dear stones 

And beasts on the run.

Good morning dear flowers

And birds in the trees.

Good morning to you 

And good morning to me."

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