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Lakeside School is set up with a board, faculty, and parent body. 

  • The board is responsible for legal and financial considerations of the school. 

  • The faculty is responsible for all educational considerations of the school. 

  • The parent body runs the parent committees of outreach, fundraising, farming, care, housekeeping, festivals and buildings & grounds. 

  • The administrator weaves communication between all invested parties and makes certain we are upholding agreements.  

Seek the real practical life but seek it in a way that does not blind you to the spirit working in it. Seek the spirit but do not seek it out of spiritual egoism, from spiritual greed, but look for it because you want to apply it unselfishly in practical life, in the material world. Make use of the ancient principle: Spirit is never without matter, matter never without spirit.

– Rudolf Steiner


Rachel Dowty Beech, President
Janora Stone, Vice President

Savanna Woods, Treasurer
Karen Price, Secretary

Jeremy Burns
Amy Robinson

Elissa Castelli

Nathan Henderson

Jenna Schwartzhoff

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